Thanks for checking out Book of Yaga. This site aims to provide the Crowfall community a robust information site with guides. The idea came to me when I became frustrated with what the internet offered about Crowfall.

Book of Yaga is in an alpha stage. This means that information could be wrong, misspelled, and the web app may vomit errors at you. With this said, I’m making progress. As Crowfall updates, I plan to update the site as well.

You can follow me on Twitter @praelian and on Twitch/praelian for updates and discuss the direction of the site.

What's with the Name?

Turns out that just about every sensible domain with the words "crow" and "fall" are taken! However, reading through Crowfall's lore, I learned about the Chaos god, Yaga. She is described as, "Yaga manifests a foundational aspect of the universe itself: Knowledge, All Things Known and Unknown."[1] I felt Book of Yaga would be fitting for a Crowfall information site.

Current Road Map

Alpha Goals

  • Data input: Races, Classes, Talents, Runes, Skills, Items, Stats, etc.
  • Model schema resolution
  • Searchable Data (not happy with my current implementation)
  • Crafting Recipe Resources: Provide a simple view that calculates the resources required to craft an item
  • Blog Addition: For guides and such.
  • Guide data: New user guides using the data within the site
  • Stabilization

Beta Goals

  • Standup testing vs production environment
  • Stabilization
  • Data updates/corrections
  • Bestiary
  • More guides
  • UI updates


  • A working site!

Future Goals

  • Campaign Map (with resources)
  • Campaign related metrics
  • API


I hope to keep the site ad-free. Once I feel that its providing value and is stable, I may ask for support (server cost ~$10-$20 a month, monitoring ~$26 a month). Ultimately this depends on the community adopting the site. If traffic is low volume, then the cost is low. As interest grow, so will the need for server resources and management backend.