Beginner Harvesting Guide

Created 2019-06-11 16:32 PM

Logistics fuel your guild and faction as they march across the dying worlds of Crowfall. At the heart of any logistics are the resources to craft better gear and consumables. Resources can be gathered by any player, but there are some key aspects you need to know before stripping the land. This guide’s intent is to educate new players on the harvesting and exploration systems within Crowfall.


From day one, any player can craft a basic tool and begin harvesting resources, typically Knotwood, Cobblestone, or Slag and the various rank 1 resources in the beachhead. However, better resources and greater quantity can be obtained in Campaigns. New campaigns, means there are new maps, and resources will be located at different locations. Since it's dangerous a fast mount is key, and any racial perks to Out Of Combat Movement Speed will be key. While these aren’t necessary, you could lose a days haul to the lucky enemy that takes you down. 

To be a successful harvester, you’re going to need to spec in the exploration skill line. It's good to run this as your secondary profession, supplementing Combat or Crafting. The starting box Harvesting Basics will reduce durability lose and increase yield from Knotwood, Cobblestone, and Slag nodes. Once you’ve generated invested enough points, you’ll need to decide which material will best suit your needs. While the developers have done an excellent job building a balanced crafting profession, people will still gravitate to one in most demand.  You should also consider what weapons and armor you’ll need for your own vessel. Considering these options can help inform yours on what resource to spec first. You can always change at any time and eventually, you’ll have enough points for all the trees.

Picking the right the skill node increase your stats within the game. Stats that can get affected

Bonus Damage
Increase the Base amount of damage dealt with nodes when harvesting. This can be applied to all types of harvesting nodes: Wood, Stone, Ore, Plants, Animals, Graves, and Hungershards. More damage means quicker harvesting and less durability loss on your tool.
Harvesting Efficiency
Reduce the Stamina cost for each swing when harvesting any resource node.
Beneficial Harvest
Increases the chance of more resources harvested when a node is destroyed. Your skill lines per resource type will increase this.  Beneficial Harvest can be increased by chance, occur more often, intensity, the amount of the harvest, and duration, how long it lasts.  It's important to note that Beneficial Harvest affects what you get at the end of the node.
Plentiful Resources
Increases the chance to harvest additional resources. This affects every time you hit on the node.
Exploit Weakness
Increases the additional damage to the node when hitting a weak spot
Spot Weakness
Gives you a chance to see a weak spot (which looks like a target reticle). Hitting the weak spot causes more damage to the node. 
Critical Harvesting
Just like PvP, you can crit a resource node in Crowfall, increasing the number of resources harvested.
Decay Reduction
An extremely important stat as it decreases the amount of decay your tools suffer when harvesting. The longer your tools last the more you can harvest.

Each stat is important but spread out through the skill tree. You will need to invest the time at the account level to max out your stats for a particular resource. Stats can be bolstered with potions, crafting seals for your armor, and food.

Tools of the Trade

Not all tools are created equal. Durability and the damage it causes to the node is king in harvesting. There are three tiers of tools within Crowfall: Basic, Intermediate, and Runestone.

  1. Basic: These are the starter tools of the game: Knife, Pick, Hammer, and Axe. They are made with 3 Knotwood. Other wood can be used to make more durable versions, but this is the low end.
  2. Intermediate: This is the next level up Knife, Pick, Hammer, and Axe. These tools have more durability and cause more node damage. It takes 1x Unmarked Wooden Runestone, 3x Ore, and 1x Ethereal Dust to create these.
  3. Runestone: Runestone harvesting tools are the best tools in the game. They require 1x Unmarked Runestone, 1x Sigil, and 2x Ethereal Dust. The materials that go into the subcomponents can affect the tools bonus.  The Sigil takes 4 ore, of which different combinations can be applied to provide better results. It's important to note that only Runecrafters can make these and can provide harvesting bonuses based on the materials included.

Resource Nodes

Resource nodes are randomly spread placed throughout the world. It's important to note that any wood, rock, or ore (slag) deposit is a resource node. You can chop, smash, and mine these resources in both your Eternal Kingdom and the Campaign world. However, as you progress you’ll want to harvest better resources. 

Resources are identified by the glow, sparkly effect that emits from them. These resources will be named. You will notice plants that provide cooking ingredients at the base of resources. Stone and ore resources have a mother load deposit. These require two players with the correct skill sets and timing extract gems and other precious resources from the mother load.

  • Ore: Iron, Gold, Tin, Silver, Copper 
  • Wood: Ash, Spruce, Oak, Birch, Yew
  • Stone: Slate, Travertine, Marble, Granite, Limestone
  • Leather: Soft, String, Tough, Durable, Flexible

Animals are resource nodes as well. They follow the same harvesting rules and are affected by the same harvesting stats. Unlike wood, ore, or stone, these come as animals, sometimes in packs, in the land. Often times, these animals will spawn around a den. Typically animals return some form of leather hide, as well as bone and blood, used in crafting. 

If you’re curious about material combinations, check out the combinations page.


To harvest, you’ll need to select your harvesting tray. This will load up any equipped harvesting skills, tools, and associated passives. It's best to equip your tools in the tray slot. This is done by dragging the tool from your inventory into the designated slot. Now you can hit the number key to switch between tools. 

Important Don’t forget to equip your passives in the harvesting tray. Some Discipline runes will provide these. Hit the K-key and drag the appropriate passive to the harvesting tray.

When you harvest a resource node, you fill pips in your power meter. Each pip provides an ultimate perk when activated.

  • Energetic Harvest: Increases Grave Digging, Logging, Mining, Quarrying, and Skinning by 5% for 8 seconds.
  • Perceptive Harvest: Increases Weak Spot Chance: All by 5% for 8 seconds.
  • Stamina Regenerate: Instantly restores 8 Stamina.
  • Heightened Harvest:  Increases the effectiveness of the any Energetic Harvest, Perceptive Harvest, and Stamina restore effects gained in the next 7 seconds.
  • Furious Reaping: Increases Harvest Base Damage: All by 40. Lasts 6 seconds or 2 hits, whichever comes first.

By carefully these using these harvesting buffs at the right time, you can harvest the node quicker, gaining more resources and reducing the durability loss to your tools. For example: Build up 4 pips and execute Heightened Harvest followed by Perceptive Harvest will further increase the chance of finding Weak Spots in the resource node.

The time of the year will affect your harvesting. When a Campaign starts, the season is Spring. Nodes harvested during this season will have full (5) diamonds in Plentiful Harvest, providing maximum resources. As the seasons continue, Plentiful Harvest decreases, providing fewer resources.

Discipline Runes

Like crafting the right tool for the job, equipping the right rune is helpful. The discipline rune system is a robust full-featured system that includes runes for Harvesting. The following should help you pick a rune for your goal.

Note: These are available during Pre-Alpha and may not be available at launch.  You can find all these runes on the Rune Page.

Ethereal Sight
Grants the Ethereal Sight Passive, which increases the chance to find Ethereal Dust while harvesting.
Grants Empowered Mining, buffing harvesting pips.
Grants Empowered Logging, buffing harvesting pips.
Grants Empowered Quarrying, buffing harvesting pips.
Grants Empowered Skinning, buffing harvesting pips.
Grave Digger
Grants Empowered Grave Digging, buffing harvesting pips.
Grants Seasoned Hand that reduces decay rate.
Provides skills and passives that help group harvesting and harvesting from mother loads.
The Reaper
Grants increased harvesting pips per swing.

As you level your vessel, you unlock slots for Harvesting Runes. We suggest you always run Villein to reduce durability loss to your tools and rotate a rune provides buffs to the nodes you’re trying to harvest. 


Potions can help increase your harvesting yield and are a good idea when going out and crafting. The potions listed are available in pre-alpha, more potions are likely to be added later.  It's best to carry a few potions with you to increase the resource gain, especially in later seasons when nodes produce fewer resources. Potions can be stacked with foods and drinks.

  • Potion of Plentiful Harvest: Grave Digging - Increases Plentiful Harvest: Grave Digging for 30 minutes.
  • Potion of Plentiful Harvest: Logging - Increases Plentiful Harvest: Logging for 30 minutes.
  • Potion of Plentiful Harvest: Mining - Increases Plentiful Harvest: Mining for 30 minutes.
  • Potion of Plentiful Harvest: Quarrying - Increases Plentiful Harvest: Quarrying for 30 minutes.
  • Potion of Plentiful Harvest: Skinning - Increases Plentiful Harvest: Skinning for 30 minutes.
  • Potion of Harvest: Gems and Minerals - Increase Mineral Harvest Chance: All and Gem Harvest Chance: All for 30 minutes. These resources can only be harvested from Mother Lodes.
  • Basic Potion of Harvest: Dust - Increase the chance for bonus Ethereal Dust when harvesting Basic Resources.


Food and Drink can provide buffs to your harvesting. Items like Kebabs Skewers can buff your plentiful harvest for 10 minutes (common quality). These are fairly easy to make and require a Cooking Crafting Station. 

Specialty Seals

Specialty Seals provide bonuses for harvesting and crafting. A crafter can make you a specialty seal for your chosen harvesting line and incorporate that into the chest piece of armor. Seals will differ based on the combinations of materials used.