Recipe Category Description
Artisan Cheese Sous Chef Creates a wheel of tasty cheese encased in wax.
Baked Ice Cream Head Chef Creates some Baked Ice Cream.
Basic Roasted Meats Campfire Cooking Traditionally cooked low and slow, this rustic form of cooking results in something that looks more like a meteorite than a meal. But it is not burnt, and beneath the crust is the most tender, juicy, smoky meat you could want.
Biscuits and Gravy Head Chef Creates some Biscuits and Gravy.
Bloodworm Stew Sous Chef Put some pep in your step with a big bowl of bloodworm stew!
Bon Tippers Head Chef Creates a special batch of Bon Tippers.
Bone Broth Sous Chef Creates a broth you can eat or use as a reagent in more complex recipes.
Bread Campfire Cooking Creates a very delicious batch of bread!
Cake Head Chef Creates a cake.
Campfire Stew Campfire Cooking Mix it all together in a foil packet and roast until fully cooked!
Chocolate Bar Cooking Basics Creates some chocolate bars.
Chocolate Milk Sous Chef Creates chocolate milk.
Coffee Campfire Cooking Make some warm coffee!
Cookies Sous Chef Creates some tasty and sweet Cookies!
Cooking Foil Components A stack of rudimentary cooking foil.
Fresh Butter Sous Chef Creates a stick of butter that is ready to eat or can be used as a reagent in more complex recipes.
Gnocchi Sous Chef Makes some potato dumplings to use a reagent in more complex recipes.
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Sous Chef Just slap some cheese onto your bread and toast it for a portable and tasty snack!
Grilled Sandwich Sous Chef A fancy grilled sandwich using your favorite protein!
Grind Food Items Components Crush or Grind potatoes and herbs for food recipes.
Grind Food Items: Bulk Components Crush or Grind potatoes and herbs for food recipes. Produces 10.
Ice Cream Head Chef Creates some Ice Cream.
Juice Cooking Basics Create a tasty juice using apples or carrots!
Kebab Skewers Campfire Cooking Roast yourself a quick and rustic meal. Use meat or mushrooms and produce to create a few sticks of deliciousness.
Large Cooking Pot Components A very large cooking pot.
Marsala Stew Head Chef Creates a Marsala Stew.
Mead Sous Chef The finest of alcoholic beverages.
Meat Burgundy Head Chef Creates some Meat Burgundy.
Mushroom Stew Sous Chef Creates a tasty mushroom stew.
Paella Head Chef Creates some Paella.
Pasteurized Milk Campfire Cooking Pasteurize your milk!
Pesto Gnocchi Head Chef Creates a hefty portion of pesto gnocchi.
Pot Roast Head Chef Creates a Pot Roast.
Potato Flour Cooking Basics Creates potato flour used as a reagent in cooking recipes. The required reagent
Red Wine Head Chef Creates a robust Red Wine for drinking or cooking.
Roasted Pig Head Chef Creates a roasted pig.
Roasted Produce Campfire Cooking Creates Roasted Produce. Roast apples, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, and peppers for a zesty and quick snack!
Roasting Stick Components A fancy stick that you use to cook things over a campfire.
Seasoned Mushrooms Cooking Basics Preps your harvested mushrooms into a tasty snack.
Sumptuous Pot Pie Head Chef Creates some pot pies.
Trail Mix Cooking Basics Creates a fun and portable snack!
Yeast Campfire Cooking Creates a cooking reagent used in many recipes.