Blade Master

"The blade demands respect and payment in the form of bloodshed."

The blade takes shape in many forms: swords, daggers, and knives, all of which are quite lethal. Blade Masters often seek prayer with Maeve, The Goddess of War, and are quick to force their enemies to pay a toll with their blood. Whether it is a backstab, a sword fight, or the toss of a knife, the blade craves the blood of the enemy as much as the wielder craves victory.

Armor Penetration: Slashing
Slashes enemies for 56 - 75 + 65% weapon damage.
Disorients multiple enemies with an attack reducing their critical hit chance by -40 for 15 seconds and inflicting 151 - 204 + 178% weapon damage.
Turns the tables on an enemy with a strike granting 20% retribution for 15 seconds and causing 113 - 153 + 133% weapon damage.
Extracts blood orbs from enemies as you attack. Picking up blood orbs heals you for 63 - 77 + 28% support power and increases your attack power by 100 for 30 seconds.
Increases your power efficiency by 20%, which reduces the resource cost of using powers.