"The spirit of Gaea can be heard if you listen closely to the whispers of the trees."

Arboreal energy exists in ways that can only be harnessed by the most insightful of nature enthusiasts. Utilizing the power of the trees assists with quick healing efforts that cannot be surpassed. Dryads are quite in tune with nature and are quick to offer a helpful blast of leaves to the face.

Healing Modifier
Druid Orb Refund
Manifests an orb at your targeted location that allies or you may use to heal 39 to 48 + 17. 3% support power.
Blasts leaves healing allies in front of you for a total of 13 - 15 + 5. 6% support power over four seconds while you channel.
Increases healing bonus by 10% and final physical mitigation by 5% when standing still for 2 seconds and until you move.