Escape Artist

"No form of prison, be it chains, shackles, or snares, can contain me."

Escapology is an artform that is still shrouded in mystery. An escapologist will quickly learn the ability to break free from mobility limitations allowing avoidance of even the most obnoxious of crowd control methods. While it may seem easy to the escapist, onlookers and enemies will beg to know the secrets of escape, but a magician never reveals their methods.
Regains your senses recovering immediately from knockdown or stun effects with an attack inflicting 113 - 153 + 133% weapon damage and then increasing your movement speed by 30% for 8 seconds.
Liberates group members and yourself gaining immunity to crowd control effects for 5 seconds. This attack can be instantly flash-cast.
Increases your resolve by 33% reducing crowd control durations and making it more likely that crowd control immunity triggers after being the victim of multiple control effects.
Recovers one dodge when hitting critically. This effect can occur once per 30 seconds.