Field Surgeon

"Your onsite go-to for quick and easy clinical care!"

Field Surgeons are the first to act in the event of a combat disaster. Quick to rescue, triage, and rehabilitate, these selfless Field Surgeons are your one-stop shop for quick remedies to get you back into the action. Disclaimer, use as directed and be sure to follow up with a real physician. Satisfaction is not guaranteed and once payment has been processed there are no refunds.

Healing Modifier
Cleanses your group and yourself of damage over time effects healing for 13 - 15 + 5. 6% support power for each effect removed.
Tends an ally's wounds relieving 53 + 8. 4% support power plus an additional 1. 4 health for every point of stamina. Heals two times over six seconds.
Averts an ally's imminent death for 10 seconds preventing them from dropping below 1 health and healing them for 189 - 231 + 84% support power. Recently rescued allies may not be affected by rescue.
Inspires you and recovers resource for every 1000 health you restore to others. This effect can only occur once every 15 seconds.