"Share with me your sins and I will absolve you for a fair cost."

Friars of the Church of Arkon provide the community with a unique service that no other can provide. Friars willingly listen and pardon the sins of the people with an undaunting zeal; no sin is too great, for they have heard them all and they are eager to hear more. Their unyielding dedication to their trade provides many in their company with benefits in health and the avoidance of sin while also providing the Friars with a few extra perks.

Critical Healing Chance
Cleanses you and become immune to sin for 30 seconds.
Blesses group members and you increasing bleed resistance by 50 for 30 seconds.
Heals a targeted ally for 63 - 77 + 28% support power and also healing a nearby ally. The chain healing bonus jumps statistic adds additional targets but healing is reduced by 30% per target, up to a maximum of a 60% reduction.