"Like a boulder rolling down a hill, a juggernaut is a large and unyielding force that cannot be stopped."

No other form of combatant is built to last as much as that of a Juggernaut which is due to extreme endurance and spite. Mercilessness, ruthlessness, and resiliency are also defining characteristics that attribute to the robust nature of an unstoppable fighter whose impact will be felt repeatedly.
Immediately recovers you from control effects inflicting 113 - 153 + 133% weapon damage. Furious retaliate also increases your resolve, reducing the duration of subsequent control effects or triggering temporary immunity to control effects.
Maximizes your resolve and triggers crowd control immunity for a short time. This power can be used while suffering from control effects to escape and can be instantly flash-cast.
Strengthens group members and you increasing their maximum health by 20% for 45 seconds.
Recovers 4 - 6% of your maximum health over 5 seconds each time you suffer a knockdown or stun.