Militant Mage

"Im the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isnt very nice."

Militant Mages are known for their overzealous nature and the ability to pursue their cause even during the most strenuous of moments. Much like Hero, Militant Mages are known to only have the idea of battle and combat on their minds; utilizing slashing attacks and Warping Metal are all characteristic attributes that help spread awareness to their cause.

Slashing Resistance
Grants a weapon_damage_type_slashing damage immune barrier for 15 seconds.
Reflects 50% weapon_damage_type_slashing weapon damage back to the source of a weapon_damage_type_slashing damage attack.
Curses an enemy with a destructive aura increasing weapon weight for each weapon_damage_type_slashing damage attack they commit.
Enchants your armor with a ward against weapon_damage_type_slashing attacks increasing your slashing resistance by 25. Weapon_damage_type_slashing attacks cause sword ward to slowly weaken temporarily.