Mole Hunter

"Perception is the ability to sense a lurking and harmful presence."

A heightened sense of awareness has often been compared to paranoia, but on the battlefield it is the ultimate key to fending off unexpected attacks. Those who are cloaked in the shadows are more exposed and more vulnerable when a Mole Hunter is present. Whacking moles and stealthers eventually becomes an easy game of Hide and Seek.

Food Regen Rate
Dodge Regen Rate
Increases the perception of group members and you by 25 and removes the exposed state.
Deploys a flare revealing any stealth users entering the area. Stealth users revealed in this way are exposed, take 170 - 230 + 200% weapon_damage_type_fire weapon damage and begin burning.
Stops an enemy in its tracks causing 85 - 115 + 100% weapon damage and rooting them. If get 'em hits an exposed enemy while they attack or use an ability, they are knocked down and take additional damage.
Increases your critical hit chance and critical damage by 10 for 30 seconds when damaged by a stealth attack.