"I have affixed to me the dirt of countless ages. Who am I to disturb history?"

The addition of muddy skin and a marshy body creates a vile combatant that can withstand even the heartiest of hits. Mudmen become one with the muck and can also spread their dirt and odors to enemies. The addition of sacred mud and gunk add to the ability to self heal creating one sticky and tough fighter.

Crushing Resistance
Protects you with skin like rubber granting you a barrier with immunity to weapon_damage_type_crushing damage.
Causes you to reform like clay easily healing any weapon_damage_type_crushing damage inflicted upon you and an additional 63 - 77 + 28% support power every five seconds for 15 seconds.
Covers yourself with a boggy enchantment that increases your crushing resistance by 0. 2 for each point of stamina.