"Naiads, guardians of fresh, flowing waters, are a true gift of nature."

Naiads, or Water Spirits, are in tune with the ebb and flow of fresh waters and the possibility of its power. They often take comfort in the flowing of water and view it as a source of life. Water Spirits help alleviate pain and harm while also extinguishing even the most volatile of infernos, after all Water Beats Fire!

Healing Modifier
Creates a fountain of life at the targeted location chaining heals to nearby allies and lasting 15 seconds or 30 heals.
Commands nature to envelope enemies in the targeted area rooting them in place and inflicting 50 - 75 + 63% weapon_damage_type_earth weapon damage.
Summons and launch a water spirit forward which heals allies within #range# of the water spirit. Water spirits last 20 seconds or 30 heals. Water spirits only heals each player a maximum of 5 times. Enemies hit by the water spirit suffer a 30% to damage bonus: fire for 20 seconds.
Grants various effects based on elemental damage taken. Fire damage heals you for 20% of the damage taken. Electricity damage deals 10% of the damage back to the caster. Ice damage applies a stack of phase transition granting healing modifier by 6% per stack, up to three stacks.