"You have no idea how close I am to ending your life with the flick of a poisoned blade or just a dash of liquid from a small vial."

A method of punishment often used by the Gods of Chaos, poison is the most inconspicuous and often underappreciated form of punishment. From the depths of the shadows to the dining halls of kings and queens poison takes many forms with the intention to finish off a target swiftly and with minimal retaliation.

Armor Penetration: Poison
Attacks for 98 - 133 + 116% weapon damage and cause the enemy to become poisoned taking 8 - 9 + 1% weapon damage per tick.
Removes all poison effects.
Hits an enemy for 103 - 155 + 129% weapon damage.
Deals poison damage with all basic attacks instead of their native damage type. Poisoned weapons also inflicts a minor poison with your third basic attack.