Rune Caster

"Runes hold mystical secrets only a few are able to understand."

Deciphering and utilizing the secret mysteries of runes is a tricky and sometimes difficult endeavor. Rune Casters have been known to look to Illara as the creator and keeper of rune knowledge. Those who are in tune and can decipher the arcane runes are granted many advantages in the form of shields, fortifications and sanctuary, in and out of combat.

Physical Resistance
Protects you increasing elemental resistance by 20.
Aids group members and you increasing health by 1000.
Absorbs 10% of damage taken for 15 seconds and then explodes to inflicting 35% of total damage taken (max 1050) to nearby enemies as fire damage.
Defends an area with a runic symbol increasing allies' resist all by 20%.