"Every scarecrow has a secret ambition to terrorize."

One of the most prevalent icons of horror is the scarecrow. Often rudimentary and crude in appearance with an accompanied aura of terror, the Scarecrow is often more terrifying in appearance than character, but that doesn’t change the fact that they often cause shudders and shivers. Along with the sense of foreboding they can also cause even the most brutal of attackers to be stunned with fright.

Piercing Resistance
Surrounds you with a chilling aura of palpable fear that automatically reveals stealthed enemies. Enemies who remain nearby for too long are suppressed and then afflicted with frostbite.
Covers your body with sharp needle-like straws increasing your piercing resistance by 25. Piercing attacks reflect 133% weapon damage and cause severe bleeding.
Causes you to gain a weapon_damage_type_piercing damage immune barrier for 15 seconds.
Protects you with a powerful enchantment periodically stunning attackers.