"She sees her opportunity and with a quick pull of the string the arrow speeds toward her mark, and it is within seconds that he is quickly immobilized."

Many undervalue the beauty and simplicity of the arrow, but the truth is that a rapid firing archer is just as deadly as any other foe in combat. Long range shots allow for a quick and effective way to take an opponent down with minimal interaction.

Damage Bonus: Piercing
Ranged Distance Bonus
Charges an arrow and shoot it towards your reticle dealing 158 - 213 + 186% weapon damage. The arrow will ricochet to a second target within 6m and then ricochet to a third target. If you hit 3 targets with this power, you gain the hot shot buff which applies 10 critical hit damage for 15 seconds.
Deploys a small point-blank field increasing your damage bonus and resist all.
Pins down multiple enemies in an area rooting them in place and causing 45 - 60 + 53% weapon damage. This power's maximum range cannot be modified.
Increases damage bonus when there are no enemies within 30m.