Shield Breaker

"Why avoid a barrier when you can break through it?"

A shield is a mighty piece of weaponry and armor that is often difficult to bypass, but a Shield Breaker has the ability to plow through such armament with ease. Breaking barriers and exposing weakness are just a few attributes they are privy to adding another layer of complexity to combat.

Armor Penetration: Slashing
Armor Penetration: Crushing
Armor Penetration: Piercing
Crushes an enemy who is actively using block or parry causing a knockdown and dealing 91 - 123 + 107% weapon damage.
Strip away an enemy's barrier inflicting 91 - 123 + 107% weapon damage and causing knockdown if a barrier is removed.
Enhances group members and you increasing #buff_type_1_content# by 15.
Causes an additional 50% weapon damage when striking a barrier and restore your resource.