Shield Fighter

"With each step you take, bear courage in mind and hold your shield firmly."

Strength is not the only deciding factor in the heat of battle. Endurance, stamina, and tenacious spirit are necessary aspects of combat survival, and the addition of a shield can help increase the heartiness of the fighter. Shield Fighters are quick to utilize their armament by blocking blows, ricocheting strikes, and the avoidance of massive damage. Fortitude, patience, and a defensive stance are what define a true Shield Fighter.

Armor Penetration: Crushing
Strikes with your shield for 113 - 153 + 133% weapon damage and lower their physical resistance by 20.
Throws an illusion shield and ricochet off multiple nearby enemies for 85 - 115 + 100% weapon damage. Additional ricochets beyond the first can be increased via the shield throw bonus ricochets statistic. Damage is reduced by 30% per each ricochet up to a maximum of a 60% reduction.
Delivers a shield attack moving you forward 3. 1m using all your might to consume all stamina and scale damage with stamina spent. Mighty shield slam inflicts 32 damage bonus per stamina spent + 97% weapon_damage_type_crushing weapon damage to multiple enemies, pushing them back. While charging the attack you are considered blocking. The attack has a 100% critical strike modifier when charged more than 66%.
Increases the damage bonus from blocking big hits - knight only. Enemies that strike you with elemental attacks take 100% weapon damage in return.