Grave Digger

"We are creatures made from borrowed parts, but have our own unique souls."

Often associated with the macabre due to the nature of the work, grave digging is a trade not for those with delicate sensibilities. Surrounded by death and shrouded in darkness, the grave digger plucks from the remains the necessary components to create new life.

Plentiful Resources Grave: All
Harvest Power Pips Bonus
Enhances energetic harvesting with additional grave digging effects. 1 harvest pip: gain empowered grave digging increasing grave digging by 5% while energetic harvest is active. 2 harvest pips: gain perceptive grave digging increasing spot weakness: grave by 5% while perceptive harvest is active. 3 harvest pips: increase stamina restore amount by 4. 4 harvest pips: gain heightened grave digging increasing the effectiveness of energetic harvest, perceptive harvest, and stamina restore effects gained in the next 7 seconds when heightened harvest is active. 5 harvest pips: gain furious grave digging increasing harvest base damage: grave by 30 for 6 seconds or 2 hits, whichever comes first when furious reaping is active.