"The days work is not done until a pile has been made."

Extracting minerals from the depths of the earth is the type of work that requires strength, endurance, stamina, and a lot of persistence. Contrary to popular belief, it is hard work rather than luck that springs forth the bounty of minerals from the earth. Armed with a trusty pick and plenty of bag room, the miner is prepared for a great haul but also understands that sometimes you have to go deeper.

Plentiful Resources Ore: All
Harvest Power Pips Bonus
Enhances energetic harvesting with additional mining effects. 1 harvest pip: gain empowered mining increasing mining by 5% while energetic harvest is active. 2 harvest pips: gain perceptive mining increasing spot weakness: ore by 5% while perceptive harvest is active. 3 harvest pips: increase stamina restore amount by 4. 4 harvest pips: gain heightened mining increasing the effectiveness of energetic harvest, perceptive harvest, and stamina restore effects gained in the next 7 seconds when heightened harvest is active. 5 harvest pips: gain furious mining increasing harvest base damage: ore by 30 for 6 seconds or 2 hits, whichever comes first when furious reaping is active.