"The foundation can be broken, and from it comes a plethora of minerals."

Boring into the earth and uncovering the minerals deep below the surface requires a steady hammer and basic understanding of geology. Knowing which minerals to keep and which to discard may seem tedious but can make the biggest difference in using stone and minerals to create rare commodities.

Plentiful Resources Stone: All
Harvest Power Pips Bonus
Enhances energetic harvesting with additional quarrying effects. 1 harvest pip: gain empowered quarrying increasing quarrying by 5% while energetic harvest is active. 2 harvest pips: gain perceptive quarrying increasing spot weakness: stone by 5% while perceptive harvest is active. 3 harvest pips: increase stamina restore amount by 4. 4 harvest pips: gain heightened quarrying increasing the effectiveness of energetic harvest, perceptive harvest, and stamina restore effects gained in the next 7 seconds when heightened harvest is active. 5 harvest pips: gain furious quarrying increasing harvest base damage: stone by 30 for 6 seconds or 2 hits, whichever comes first when furious reaping is active.